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Packages Available

Two Hour Session ($125.00)

This introductory session is designed to introduce a young person to Dirt Bike Riding for the first time. Your child will be trained on a small automatic or semi-automatic dirt bike (no hand clutch) to determine if he/she has the ability & desire to ride a dirt bike for fun. This session is perfect for kids just starting, from 6 years of age and up. This training will also provide a reference point for required bike size and demonstrate the riders ability. During this session the emphasis is on getting started safely and properly learning basic riding skills.

These include:
- location and operation of motorcycle controls
- proper start up procedure
- move off starts and stops
- basic balance, braking and turning


Half Day Training - 4 hour session ($175.00)

Our most popular training package, especially for youths & adults. This training session builds upon the same skills that would be learned in the two hour session, but with more field training, riding time and instruction. The rider will learn how to handle the bike more effectively maneuvering over obstacles, some trail riding is included to try out the new techniques in negotiating different terrain and riding surfaces.

Additional training components include:
- the importance of proper body / riding position
- stronger balance, braking and turning techniques


Full Day Training - 8 hour session ($340.00)

Students are taught all of the above components at a more relaxed pace, includes a lot more riding time, with much more emphasis on skill development. This session is tailored to the students rate of progression, needs and abilities.

Additional training components include:
- negotiating obstacles, sand, gravel and mud
- basic motorcycle and equipment maintenance
- trail riding, safety and etiquette
- choosing proper safety gear
- buying the right Off-Road motorcycle (new vs. used)
- Off-Road license plates, club information, etc.
* Lunch is included *


Other Information

All packages include a Certificate and a photo of your “Tyke” on a bike.

Start times may vary, depending on the number of bookings that day.

Weekend start times, 8:00 a.m., 10:30a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. unless booked in all day.

Your session time will be assigned upon booking confirmation and direction and map provided.

Private lessons available upon request, tailored to suit your needs, Off-Road and street training / tutoring avaiable as well.

- $65.00 per hour on our motorcycle and our riding gear supplied.

- $55.00 per hour on your motorcycle and your riding gear.

For all sessions or individual lessons, parents are welcome to stay and watch or you may choose to stay and learn to ride as well.

Just learning to ride Off-Road?

In need of a skills refresher?

Ready to develop your skills for the real world?

Then we have the training for you!


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