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Who We Are
Jessica beside her motorcycle

An Established Ottawa Valley Off-Road Rider Training School, since 2005. Designed to introduce kids, youths and adults to Dirt Bike Riding and Promoting Safe Off-Road Riding as a great family sport!

What We Provide:

An excellent cost effective way to introduce someone to Off-Road Riding safely, so they can see if they are going to like the sport. Designed for kids, youths and adults (starting at age 6 to 96!) with little or no riding expereince. Fully equipped to train all ages. Students will learn proper riding techniques in a private, safe and secure riding environment. Lessons are tailored for small groups or individual training, a friendly, low pressure training environment.

Motorcycle & Riding Equipment:

We provide all the necessary Off-Road Riding gear, from head to toe. Depending on the students size and riding experience, we have a full fleet of Off-Road motorcycles for training. (You may also choose to bring your own riding gear &/or motorcycle).

Our only condition is that your child can already ride a bicycle without training wheels, have reasonable balance and can understand and follow basic instructions.


Our Mission Statement:

To provide a safe, cost effective way to introduce kids, youths and adults to Off-Road motorcycling. Promoting safe Off-Road riding as a great family sport, respecting the environment and instilling trail etiquette.


“Tykes on Bikes” Dirt Bike School, is a family owned and operated business.

Instructor Andy Jasiak, has over 38 years experience in, on and Off-Road riding and racing as an amateur and professional. Andy has been involved in motocross, hare-scrambles, Off-Road, vintage trials, ice-racing and raced six years in amateur road racing. Andy is a Part-time Senior Instructor / Coordinator with the Ottawa Safety Council (OSC). This allows him to be involved in a variety of new rider and experienced rider training programs.

Andy has been a Police Officer since 1988. He has ridden professionally for 10 years as a motor officer in Traffic / Escort sections. He is currently working as a full time instructor at their training branch, as a police vehicle driver trainer. Andy’s position as the Chief Motorcycle Instructor holds him responsible for re-qualification of all current riders as well as new motor officer rider training.



- Ottawa Safety Council, Senior Instructor, since 2000

- Canada Safety Council Certification, since 2000

- Honda Junior Red Rider Program, Assisting Instructor, since 2006

- Ottawa Police Service, Chief Motorcycle Instructor, Since 2000

- Ontario Association of Police Motorcycle Instructors, Treasurer / Instructor

- Police Vehicle Operations, Certified Instructor (Ontario Police College), since 2004

- Ministry of Transportation Ontario, M1 / M2-Exit Signing Authority / Driver Examiner

- National Coaching Certification Program (Level 1), since 1996

- Owner / Operator Tykes on Bikes, since 2005

- Competed in amateur MX, Off-Road and road racing for 10 years

- Avid on road and Off-Road rider enthusiast, for over 35 years

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